Horace & Jasper Knife Pocket

The Horace and Jasper Leather Knife Pocket is a stylish and safe way to transport and store 1-4 blades. It's like a leather jacket for your knives. These are perfect for home cooks and knifenerds, or any chef that likes to travel minimally.

  • Holds 1-4 Knives, depending on size.
  • Best used in combination with Knifewear Blade Guards.
  • Handmade in Calgary, AB.

About Horace & Jasper - Horace & Jasper is a leather goods company with punk rock roots, based in Calgary, AB. They handmake a variety of knife storage bags, wallets, belts and more. Their quality is driven by the ethos that you should "be able to strop it to the front of your motorcycle, and ride across the country with it", to quote founder Jeffrey Cockram.

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