Haruyuki Honesuki Maru 160mm

About the Shape -The Honesuki Maru is an oddball. Just look at it! This knife is a weirdo. It has a similar profile to a honesuki, but the chin of the blade is flushed up right to the handle. It’s designed like this so that it can be held overhand style (think “Psycho”) and is used to cut and break down sides of hanging meat. Badass. In a pinch, it can also be held like a regular boning knife and used for less specific applications. A lot of professional meat cutters prefer a knife like this because of its versatility. It is also a very nimble knife. It’s simple streamlined design keeps it nice and light - just watch out! It’s easy to cut yourself if your hand slips!

You may see the Honesuki Maru called a "Sakabone" in the wild, in fact we used to use that very name! Why Sakebone you ask? Well in Japanese, there is a tendency to combine two words to create a new term. Some folks in Japan call this shape "Hankotsu" 阪骨, which is short for Osaka style Honeuski 大阪型骨スキ.

Osaka style Honesuki.... Saka hone.... Sakabone!

About Haruyuki -In most of the world, a 'factory-made' knife is made entirely by machines. Not so in Japan. A company like Haruyuki is made of expert crafts-people, each one a master of their trade. Despite being known as 'factory-made knives', Haruyuki knives are very much crafted by human hands, each pair responsible for a different step of the process.

Knife Shape Honesuki Maru
Blade Length 160mm
Blade Height 27mm
Spine Thickness at Heel 2mm
Weight 153g
Steel Type AUS8 Stainless Steel
Rockwell Hardness 58-59
Edge/Bevel Double (50/50)
Handle Pakka wood with welded bolster
Manufacturer Haruyuki
outside mm
inside mm