Mazaki Shirogami Nashiji Gyuto 210mm

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About the Shape - Inspired by the profile of a traditional European chef knife, Gyutos are a multi-purpose knife with a slight meat cutting bias. “Gyuto” translates to “cow sword.” If you want one knife to do it all, This is it. Starting at 180mm, Gyutos can reach the ridiculously long (and awesome) 370mm. For the at-home or professional cook, we recommend a Gyuto which measures between 210mm and 270mm long.

About Mazaki San - Mazaki-san is a relatively young blacksmith from Sanjo. He was originally from the island of Hokkaido. When he was travelling all over Japan on his bike, he stopped in Sanjo and fascinated by their knife making/blacksmithing industry in the area. He decided that he wanted to become a blacksmith, so he went to work for Yoshikane. He spent about 5 years apprenticing at Yoshikane but decided he would like to pursue into a more traditional way of making knives. He forge-weld all of his carbon steel knives in house and finish his bevel with various different whetstones by hand. He tries to be true to the trade.

Knife Shape Gyuto
Blade Length 210mm
Blade Height 50mm
Steel Type #2 Shirogami (White carbon) Steel clad with Carbon Steel Cladding
Rockwell Hardness 61:63
Handle Wa (Japanese) Handle, Octagon Magnolia with black Water Buffalo horn collar
Blacksmith/Maker Mazaki