Tojiro Senko Classic Boning 150mm

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About the Shape:This style of boning knife is the kind you’ll traditionally see in the Western and European world when taking apart meats. Much like a honesuki, its excellent for taking apart birds and other jobs like Frenching lamb racks.

Knife Shape Boning
Blade Length 150mm
Steel Type
Rockwell Hardness 60:62
Handle Western Handle, Black Micarta with welded bolster
Blacksmith/Maker Tojiro

About Tojiro: Tojiro is a knife-making giant in Japan. While they have a small factory that produces incredible hand-forged knives, their true specialty is factory-made knives. In Japan, “factory-made” isn’t what most people think. While the blades are rolled and stamped, much of the work is done by hand including grinding and finishing steps. Tojiro primarily works with VG-10, a stainless steel loved for its ease of sharpening and easy maintenance, but they also use VS2, SK85 and others.

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