Masashi Shirogami Deba 180mm

About the Shape -Deba means “short fat tooth” and this describes the shape of the knife. This is the first knife a sushi chef would use when preparing fish. It is used to fillet fish and butcher the boneless meat. The Deba is a traditional Japanese blade that is only sharpened on one side. This is called “single bevel.” Don’t let the shape and weight of a Deba fool you; they are nimble and precise. Choose the length of your Deba based on the size of fish you’ll be butchering most often.

About Masashi Single Bevel knives -Masashi-san makes a beautifully polished and crazy sharp blade, working entirely by himself hand-forging, sharpening, and putting on the handles. He’s also a bit of a risk taker, forging knives in his flip-flops and lighting cigarettes off white-hot knife steel. Bad. Ass. Masashi-san has outdone himself again. He started as a blacksmith making double-bevel knives, and his transition to single bevel blades has been flawless. These are forged with shirogami and perform like a traditional single-bevel blade, with all of the flash of Masashi knife.

Knife Shape Deba
Blade Length 180mm
Blade Height
Spine Thickness at Heel
Steel Type Shirogami #2 (White Carbon Steel)
Rockwell Hardness 61-63
Edge/Bevel Single Bevel, right hand bias
Blacksmith Masashi Yamamoto
Knife Line Masashi Single Bevel