Advanced Sharpening Classes

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Calling all sharpening Nerds! Learn our tricks for sharpening like a pro. Our advanced class covers chip removal, thinning out a knife, advanced Japanese sharpening techniques, basic polishing, and sharpening single bevel blades. If you have a special project you’d like to work on, or want to specifically cover such as axes, chisels, pocket knives, or straight razors just let us know.

Advanced class is on the last Thursday of every month and you must have taken our original sharpening class to take the advanced class. 

If you don't see any upcoming dates for your city of choice, please email who can arrange one!

Class price (per person) $60
  • A set of water stones are required. You can bring your own or purchase from Knifewear
  • Class size is limited to 4 people and will last 2 hours.
  • All participants receive 10% off knives and waterstones purchased on the day.
What to Bring
  • A Japanese Kitchen knives to sharpen that needs to be thinned out.
    Chef’s knives are the 
    easiest, flexible are the hardest. No Serrated knives.
  • Your own waterstones or buy them during the class (Approximately $120 for a starter set).