Akira Sasaoka Aogami Kurouchi Yanagiba 270mm

About the Shape -Yanagibas are long, thin, single-bevel knives ground and sharpened on one side. Translating to “willow’s leaf,” they’re graceful and elegant like their name suggests. Yanagibas are commonly used for slicing sashimi, but can also be used for carving other meats like roast beef and prime rib.

About the Maker - Sasaoka-san and his brother are well known Tosa knife-makers that specialize in single-bevel blades. They're known for using blue carbon steel as opposed to white carbon steel, the steel typically used for debas, yanagibas and usubas. We originally carried their work with the Masakage single-bevel line, but they have since forged out their identity as knife-makers and produce blades under their own brand.

The black finish and dark handle of this series makes them even more special. Darker, unpolished blades were traditionally frowned upon in the world of Japanese knives, but we think they make these knives extra badass.

Knife Shape Yanagiba
Blade Length 270mm
Steel Type Aogami #2 (Blue Carbon Steel)
Rockwell Hardness 61:63
Handle Wa (Japanese) Handle
Blacksmith/Maker Akira Sasaoka