You need a Knifewear Food Scoop, Here's Why.

February 07, 2020 2 min read 0 Comments

You need a Knifewear Food Scoop, Here's Why.

What a Scoop!

Or… “The beginners guide to not dulling out your knives unnecessarily by using them for something they were not designed for, while simultaneously vastly reducing the risk of cutting yourself on your knife while engaged in dangerous or reckless non-Knifewear™ condoned knife related activity. - A peer reviewed Case Study*
*Not actually peer reviewed or a case study in any way


I don’t like using my knife to pick up diced food off of my cutting board. Pushing your delicate digits towards a knife-edge is a good way to cut yourself and ruin your prep, and scraping the edge of your fancy pants knife on your cutting board is bad for the edge. You should stop doing it.

“BuT hOw Do I gEt ThE fOoD oFf My BoArD, oWeN?!?1” you may be screaming at your phone or computer in a fit of unbridled rage and confusion. A valid question! The solution?


This dandy li’l gizmo is the perfect tool for the job! Simply shove this bad boy under your food, give it a push with your other hand, and Voila! Crisis averted.



This tool is seriously fantastic. It’s easy to use, dishwasher safe, saves you a bundle in unnecessary sharpening, helps keep your blood inside your body (where most experts agree it belongs), and keeps you from spilling diced onion all over your kitchen floor like a dum dum while bringing it to the stove. In my opinion, anything that means I can sweep my floors less frequently is considered a brilliant achievement in engineering. Take notice of this thing, Nobel Prize nerds. Seems like a shoo-in.

The following is a comprehensive list of people who need a Knifewear™ Food Scoop:

  • Everyone alive at this time

It’s a shortlist, I know, but I’m sure either you or someone you love fits the bill perfectly! The best part? $18! It’s perfect for getting food into your Instant-pot, pans, storage containers and even freezer bags! Easy, fun, time saving, AND affordable! You’re welcome, world.

Get your Food Scoop here!

Owen Whitinger
Owen Whitinger

Owen is another ex-chef among our ranks. he has been Chef-ing in Edmonton for around 12 years but gave it up to be a human being again! An avid music lover, he plays guitar, loves Radiohead, and has probably been to about 500 concerts. Oh, and he can most definitely beat you in a game of Street Fighter. come chat with him about football, and steel!