Springhammer 50% off on Vimeo.

Kevin Kossowan, superstar director of the From The Wild series is giving a half price offer for the digital download of the Knifewear-produced documentaries Springhammer parts 1 and 2 on Vimeo. Just enter the promocode HAMMERTIME. Offer good until August 5th. Instantly download and enjoy learning about the past and present of Japan’s treasured blacksmith industry.


Purchase Springhammer Part 1

Purchase Springhammer Part 2 ‘The Making of a Knife’

From the DVD cover:
At the end of WWII, Japan was faced with the difficult task of repurposing many industries, and with military swords no longer in demand despite a tradition carried on since the samurai, the industry turned to the kitchen. Craftsmen, now applying ancient trade skills of blade making to cookery, go largely unnoticed by their countrymen, and have to find a new place in the world for their craft. Thankfully, the world seems to be starting to listen.


Springhammer Part 1 looks at the blacksmiths who create these functional works of art and their culture, while Part 2 continues the story by following the process of the making of a knife from an unformed block of steel to artwork for your kitchen.


Both make for fascinating viewing, and are a must-watch for anyone interested in handmade knives, blacksmithing in general or Japanese culture. (Or all of the above, as we are.)


If physical media is more your style, you can always get the DVD on the Knifewear site and at all locations. 


Here's a clip of Kato-san of Masakage knives from Springhammer part 1. 

Mason Hastie

Mason Hastie


Mason's job is to make Knifewear and Kent of Inglewood look cool. Which is an easier job than it looks (don't tell Kevin) since both are much cooler than Mason. He enjoys owning knives that make him feel like a much better cook than he actually is, and looking at razors that make him wish he shaved more than once every five years.

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