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Last Updated: August 11, 2016

With the Masakage blacksmiths visiting, the Vancouver store opening and the Omatsuri festival in Calgary, there's been plenty to get us excited at Knifewear. We're glad that Vancouver Magazine and Swerve Magazine are also feeling the excitement. 


Vancouver Magazine's article “5 Things You Should Know Before Spending $500 on a Knife” is a great primer for people wondering what the heck is just so special about the knives at Knifewear. It features many great quotes from Kevin explaining why the knives we carry are so popular. 


“Why shouldn’t you go to Ikea and buy a mass-produced set of knives for $30? Because you can’t fall in love with some trinket that’s been stamped out of a machine.”


True that, Kevin. 


Also in the news today is Swerve’s Article “Five facts about Masakage Knives” (are we sensing a pattern here?) Which once again brings us some knowledge from Mr. Kent. 


Japanese craftsmen use harder steel, which allows the knives to stay sharper longer. This is particularly important with cuisine like sashimi, which, to retain its visual appeal, requires the raw fish to be sliced evenly. “I don’t know if the demands of the cuisine made the knife or the knife made the cuisine,” Kent says. “Either way, you can’t have one without the other.”


We hope to see you at the Vancouver store for the Grand Opening Garage Sale going on now, or at the Calgary Omatsuri Festival August 13 to meet the blacksmiths of Masakage knives. 


Mason Hastie

Mason Hastie


Mason's job is to make Knifewear and Kent of Inglewood look cool. Which is an easier job than it looks (don't tell Kevin) since both are much cooler than Mason. He enjoys owning knives that make him feel like a much better cook than he actually is, and looking at razors that make him wish he shaved more than once every five years.