Knifewear visits Kageura-san

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Knifewear visits Kageura-san

During our recent visit to Japan, the Kochi Shimbun wrote about us popping in on one of our favourite blacksmiths, Kageura-san, maker of the glorious Masakage Kujira line. Read the story (in Japanese) here or, please enjoy Google Translate's wonderful mangling of the article below... 



Popular trading partners workshop visit Tosa hitting cutlery of Kochi Prefecture in Canada

Exclamation to "Tosa of Takumi" KageUra's production "Damascus kitchen knife"

ABOVE: Shadow Uraken's shaking hands with a smile (far left) and Kevin Kent's = Yusuhara, Kochi Prefecture Takaoka-gun Yusuhara

Cutlery of traditional continue to manufacture in the technique of "Tosa hitting cutlery" Kochi Prefecture Takaoka-gun Yusuhara shadow Uraken's Yusuhara (74), is being expanded sales channels in Canada.The October 7, visited the business have in Canada is a trading destination workshop, visit the forging process and a wide variety of cutlery. Voice of admiration as "Beautiful!" Is up, it was also established a new opportunity.

Mr. Kageura a craftsman history about 60 years, in 2002 has been certified to "Tosa of Takumi (Takumi)". Iron and steel suit seared in many layers, put a distinctive pattern of wavy to blade a specialist in "Damascus kitchen knife", there are a lot of fans at home and abroad, Kochi Prefecture. Iron and steel, that are reusing the waste of car and boat.

Wavy pattern floats "Damascus kitchen knife"

About six years ago, we made in Japan overseas export maker of business Shibata Takayuki's knife (37) = Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture = and, Kevin Kent, who runs a five or cutlery dealer in Canada (46), KageUra in magazines know's knife, trading began. Now it has shipped a kitchen knife of about 200 a year in Canada.

Not only cook in the local, also to the general public "good sharpness, it looks beautiful," said the popular, Shibata-san is a "sell more if they have the number of products", making everything from the stage of "material is amazing technology. talking with such traditional Japanese techniques I have been very evaluation "in foreign countries.

This time, two Kevin and his colleagues have, came to Japan as part of the interview to make a photo book on the theme of Japanese cutlery craftsmen.Overlaid the heated iron and steel, housed in eagerly camera and work to train by striking out with a hammer, was watched in the finished product on store shelves.

Kevin's the state in which inspiring "but KageUra's blade saw for the first time how the especially popular. Make, great in a very high technology. Exciting." 3 people with admiration as "perfect", "Amazing", had purchased the new products such as kitchen knife and an ax.

KageUra san "of getting to know the real Tosa hitting cutlery to people overseas doing this is that the EI. However, the successor is also I'll feel Oranmon baked responsibility" was showing a complex expression with. 

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Mason Hastie

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