Keep our Water Clean with R. Murphy Ocean Plastic Oyster Shuckers!

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Keep our Water Clean with R. Murphy Ocean Plastic Oyster Shuckers!

J & R Murphy was started in 1850 by brothers John & Robert Murphy, originally crafting dental and surgical instruments. As they grew and acquired more resources, they began producing knives for a wide range of industrial and culinary purposes. The blades ranged from shoe-making blades to butchery knives and much of the extensive range remains today. The brothers parted ways in 1884 when Robert moved to Harvard, Mass. to start an independent cutlery factory, known to this day as R. Murphy.

To this day, R. Murphy crafts high-end butchering knives, oyster shuckers, leather knives, and a huge array of other edged-tools. All of their products are proudly made in the U.S.A. R. Murphy knives are rugged and sturdy, yet retain the classic elegance of their early designs.

We at Knifewear have been proud to carry R. Murphy knives for the past 5 years, and we are chuffed to be adding three brand new knives to our collection from the latest project by R. Murphy; Recycled Plastic Oyster Shuckers. These are a part of the company’s initiative to keep plastic out of the oceans and off of the land by recycling it into knife handles. These go nicely with the eco-friendly aspect of eating more oysters; oysters have been shown to remove excess nitrogen from waterways as a result of fertilizer runoff. By supporting the oyster industry, you are actively making oyster-based filtration a more viable option.

We have three of the most popular styles of shucker available in this new recycled plastic, all in the classic “Murphy Green”, as the knife-maker calls it.

Murphy Ocean Plastic Speed Shucker

This shucker is a competitors dream. While shucking speedily, the stout blade pries shell from shell effectively, so you can get to scooping. The curved, pointed edge makes separating meat from shell like slicing through butter with a lightsaber. A sharp shucker like this is best used by a pro. An amateur shucker will want to practice with a dull shucker before using a speed shucker.

Murphy Ocean Plastic Duxbury Shucker

This sturdy, pointed pry-bar of a shucker is an oyster’s worst nightmare. Even the toughest hinges will give way under its might, allowing the tapered edge to cleanly remove the bivalve from its home. With this in mind, it’s clear to see why this shucker is a favourite of oyster farmers along the Atlantic Seaboard. A stout tool like this is also perfect for those extra rocky oysters that provide a serious challenge to novices

Murphy Ocean Plastic New Haven Shucker

The curved blade of this shucker makes it easy for pros and amateurs alike to shuck perfectly. The curved tip provides better leverage than the average shucker, while allowing you to separate meat from shell without scrambling your precious mollusc.

And there you have it. Amateur or pro, R. Murphy makes the perfect shucker for you. Any seasoned shucker will love the variation that all three styles provide, different blades for different occasions. As something of a novice, I think I’ll start with New Haven and see where the oyster current takes me.

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