It's Back!! Fall Garage Sale Nov 2-8, 2015

Garage sale is a super fun week at Knifewear. Over the years the event has grown to be legendary amongst Chefs and Knife aficionados. 
The items at the Garage Sale are all the items that Kevin pick's up on his trips to Japan. He buys prototypes (new products that blacksmiths are experimenting with), One of a kind knives (like all of the Takeda knives in this sale); retired sample knives (and some repaired knives), scratch/dent items, and unique things Kevin finds.
It's our favourite way to bring great knives at great prices to chefs. It's also a nice thank you to our best customers. And it's a great way to introduce new customers to our knives and shop!! 

Follow Kevin's trip to Japan through his twitter @knifenerd and let him know if you are looking for anything particular! Knifewear social accounts on instagram, twitter, and Facebook will be posting pics of knives before the big day! 

You'll want to arrive early to check out these exciting, one of a kind knives! 

All locations open everyday 10am-6pm, Thursday 10am-8pm
November 2-8, 2015
Calgary (403) 514 0577
Edmonton (587) 521-2034
Kelowna (778) 478-0331
Ottawa (613) 695-4200 

Kevin Kent
Kevin Kent


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