Springhammer excerpt: Hiroshi Kato

Last Updated: April 19, 2016

We interviewed Kato san for our movie Springhammer. He tells us what's great about working in Takefu village, his initial reluctance to become a blacksmith and why he's grateful to the younger blacksmiths he works with.  


Kato makes  a number of lines of knives for us including the Masakage Kiri, Yuki, and Koishi AS lines.

Check them out here. 


While you're at it, check out our movie making partner Kevin Kossowan at storychaser.ca

Mason Hastie

Mason Hastie


Mason's job is to make Knifewear and Kent of Inglewood look cool. Which is an easier job than it looks (don't tell Kevin) since both are much cooler than Mason. He enjoys owning knives that make him feel like a much better cook than he actually is, and looking at razors that make him wish he shaved more than once every five years.