Knifewear's 5 Favourite Miyabi Knives

October 31, 2017 2 min read 0 Comments

Knifewear's 5 Favourite Miyabi Knives

Owen at the Edmonton shop is really into Miyabi knives, so we asked him what is top 5 are. Not only did he give us this in-depth report on what makes Miyabi so special, but he also put on his creative hat and illustrated his love of them through the art of haiku. We hope you find both informative and entertaining. 


Miyabi 5000MCD 67 Black Ash Gyuto 240mm
Miyabi Black 240mm Gyuto

These guys are  the whole package - The core steel, ZDP189 is one  of the hardest steels  in knife production. It can hold it’s edge for an unreasonably long time and is fully stainless. The wood grain of the handle, which is made of black ash, is unique to each knife . The Damascus cladding is drool-worthy. Incredible performance, excellent edge retention, and drop-dead gorgeous. All that — and Miyabi even makes it in my favourite size: 240mm! A slightly longer knife is great for larger jobs, such as cutting your steaks, but it’s still easy to use for chopping your little veggies and herbs!

Miyabi Koh 140mm Prep Knife

To me, this knife screams “Line Cook”. Little enough not to get in the way during a busy service, but long and tall enough to be used easily against the cutting board. It’s super easy to look after - it’s fully stainless, the handle is durable, and the steel is quite rugged. This is the ideal blade for doing a bit of quick detail work on the fly, such as trimming meat and peeling or carving vegetables.

Miyabi 5000MCD-B SG2 Bread knife 240mm
Miyabi Birchwood Bread Knife

The Miyabi 5000 MCD-B line is definitely a shop favourite. Our customers LOVE to choose which of the handles has the wood grain they love the best  before they decide which to take home. This is a  “one and done” bread knife. If well looked after, this will be the last bread knife you  will ever need. The aggressive little teeth on this guy are perfect  for both the crustiest of sourdoughs, and the most delicate of pastries alike!

Miyabi 5000MCD 67 Black Ash Sujihiki Knife 240mm
Miyabi Black 240mm Sujihiki

The needle-esque shape of this knife makes it ideal for delicate meat and fish butchery tasks. Even by most carving knife standards, I consider this knife to be extra agile . The narrow tip and slender profile ensure that your meat doesn’t get shredded or  torn by  excessive friction. Meat and fish are also the foods which will dull out your knife the fastest, so it’s important to use a knife made out of exceptionally hard steel to stand up to the extra abuse.

Miyabi Birchwood Gyuto 160mm
Miyabi Birchwood 160mm Gyuto

A long chef knife or slicer isn’t always the answer. The 160mm Gyuto is an excellent small multi-purpose knife. It has just enough length to tackle most of your everyday cutting needs, and the blade height to ensure you aren’t punching your cutting board as you chop. It has just enough weight to let you know it’s there, but still feels nice and nimble in hand.


Owen Whitinger
Owen Whitinger

Owen is another ex-chef among our ranks. he has been Chef-ing in Edmonton for around 12 years but gave it up to be a human being again! An avid music lover, he plays guitar, loves Radiohead, and has probably been to about 500 concerts. Oh, and he can most definitely beat you in a game of Street Fighter. come chat with him about football, and steel!