Knifewear “20 Knife Pop-up” is Coming to Winnipeg!

February 23, 2018 1 min read 0 Comments

Knifewear “20 Knife Pop-up” is Coming to Winnipeg!

Oak and Grain Kitchen Wine Bar
Hilton Winnipeg Airport Suites
1800 Wellington Avenue 
March 5, 2018
Noon - 5:00 pm 

Winnipeg has long been on our list of cities we wanted to do some pop-ups in, and we've finally been able to make this happen. 

Kelly Cattani, executive chef at Oak and Grain has been asking us to do one of these for years and she's been gracious enough to host us at her restaurant. Also, Kevin is partaking in the amazing ice-fishing that Lake Winnipeg offers — so two birds one stone and all that. This is a test run if we should do a bigger pop-up in the future, and maybe one day decide if we should open a shop there. 

Kevin is bringing 20 knives, and when those are gone, pop-up DONE. If you would like to pre-order your knife online, make an order on before noon on March 3rd and choose "Pick-up at Winnipeg Pop-up March 5th" in the shipping options. 

For more info contact Knifewear Calgary


Kevin Kent
Kevin Kent

Kevin Kent’s fascination with Japanese knives began while he was working as sous-chef for the legendary chef Fergus Henderson at St. John restaurant in London, England. In 2007, he began selling handcrafted Japanese knives out of a backpack on the back of his bicycle, while working as a chef at River Café in Calgary, Canada. Kent is just as obsessed with Japanese knives as when he first held one, and a few times a year, he travels to Japan to meet with his blacksmith friends, to drink far too much sake, and to learn more about the ancient art of knife-making. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, he refuses to confess how many Japanese knives he owns….but he admits the number is rather high. Follow Kevin on Twitter @knifenerd