Knifewear Garage Sale is Back Again, May 25-31!

May 19, 2020 1 min read 0 Comments

Knifewear Garage Sale is Back Again, May 25-31!

For those that know, the week-long Garage Sale is the most fun time to visit Knifewear.  Over the years the event has grown to be legendary amongst chefs and knife aficionados, as well as with everyday people who love a deal as much as they love to cook. The action mostly happens on Monday, the first day of the sale, but there's great deals to be had all week.

This year, Garage Sale will look a little different. The energetic line-ups of chefs and collectors won't be happening outside our shops for obvious reasons, so this year we're having an online-only Garage Sale at knifewear.comThe sale goes live at 10am MST on May 25, and continues until 12:59pm MST on May 31.

As always, we'll have our usual selection of:

  •    One of a kind blades
  •    Knives from new makers
  •    Discounted knives
  •    Scratch & dent, and more!

Kevin couldn't go to Japan this year, so we've pulled some favours with our friends in Japan, and got them to send us some very exciting stuff.

Since you can't handle the knives in person, Knifewear founder Kevin Kent will be live on YouTube at 10am MST May 25, answering your questions about the knives that are on sale. If you're not already, subscribe to the Knifewear Youtube so you can ask your questions live! 

Check out the Knifewear social accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, for more info as we'll be posting lots of photos before the big day! 

Kevin Kent
Kevin Kent

Kevin Kent’s fascination with Japanese knives began while he was working as sous-chef for the legendary chef Fergus Henderson at St. John restaurant in London, England. In 2007, he began selling handcrafted Japanese knives out of a backpack on the back of his bicycle, while working as a chef at River Café in Calgary, Canada. Kent is just as obsessed with Japanese knives as when he first held one, and a few times a year, he travels to Japan to meet with his blacksmith friends, to drink far too much sake, and to learn more about the ancient art of knife-making. Born and raised in Saskatchewan, he refuses to confess how many Japanese knives he owns….but he admits the number is rather high. Follow Kevin on Twitter @knifenerd