February Masakage Sale: Masakage knives are 15% off!

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February Masakage Sale: Masakage knives are 15% off!

Your dream knife just became more affordable! 

Knifewear holds one sale a year on our regular stock and this is it. For the month of February, while stocks last, all Masakage knives are 15% off. The Masakage sale is  happening at all locations, andknifewear.com 

Kevin Kent, owner of Knifewear and an ex-chef himself, worked with the Masakage blacksmiths to refine the design of the knives so they would not only work well for chefs, but also be capable and easy to use in home kitchens as well. Every detail of Masakage knives has been carefully thought out, from the materials used in both the blades and handles, to the overall shape and ergonomics. All aspects were scrutinized to ensure they were suitable for Knifewear customers.

Masakage knives offer a wide range of price points and materials. Some lines like the Kiri and Yuki are perfect for those looking for their first blacksmith-made knives because of their durability and easy price point. Some lines like the Mizu and Koishi are perfect for the professional chef or experienced home cook because of the next level edge capability.   

The Knifelines

Masakage Koishi

The Japanese word Koishi means “pebbles”. This line of knives has the look of black pebbles that you might find in a stream. The aogami super steel core is possibly the best knife steel known to man. It retains an edge longer than any other carbon steel we know of and cuts like silk. Clad in stainless steel, owners of this knife enjoy the easier maintenance because the carbon steel is protected from rust. Suitable for the home chef, it is also a favourite of professional chefs and Knifewear staff.


Masakage Kiri

This line is possibly Masakage’s most popular knife to give as a gift. The stunning suminagashi (Damascus) finish has a flashy, yet classy, look. Not to say the Kiri is just a pretty face. The VG10 stainless steel construction means that is both easy to maintain and will retain and edge longer than most Western made knives.


Masakage Kumo

The Kumo (meaning cloud) has some of the sexiest Damascus steel we’ve ever seen in a handmade Japanese knife. The VG10 steel is easy to maintain and the thinness of these blades are something to behold. It has a rosewood and pakka handle which finishes the knife with a classic look. The perfect knife for those that are a combination of rustic and refined, because that’s exactly what the Kumo line is.


Masakage Shimo

Designed by Kevin Kent to be his dream knife and beautifully crafted by Yu Kurosaki, the Shimo is a knife that takes a bit more effort to care for, because it is a carbon steel that can rust if neglected. For those that fall in love with this gorgeous knife it will reward you with a beautiful edge for years to come. The crisscross pattern on the blade is created using a specially made hammer and is meant to mimic the look of frost (Shimo) on a window. Lovely.

Masakage Mizu

If you want bang for buck in regards to performance, the Mizu is the line for you. A full carbon blade, it takes extra care to make sure it remains rust free. For some the extra effort will feel entirely worth it every time they use it. For others the responsibility of a carbon knife is one best left to the pros. Mizus are especially great for those that enjoy sharpening their own knifes, this knife can attain an exceptional edge with minimal effort. It also looks gorgeous, with a blue black finish that looks like deep water, or Mizu, in Japanese.


Masakage Yuki

The Yuki line is a chef favourite across Canada. The white carbon steel core offers a smooth, long lasting edge, the stainless steel cladding makes it easy to take care of in a busy environment. Its understated good looks are a bonus for those who are a bit more utilitarian minded. Not that the Yuki (meaning snow) isn’t gorgeous, it’s just more reserved than its cohorts.

Masakage Zero

If Masakage has one line that inspires knife lust it is the Zero line. The Western style ironwood handle is unlike anything else made by Masakage and is opulently finished with a rivet inset with a mosaic of a chrysanthemum. The aogami super carbon steel core lives up to the promise of the Zero’s good looks by giving you an edge that will last many times longer than even the best Western knives. This is the knife you want if you’re the type to show off just a little — or the type that wants the best in class.

 Need help deciding? Check out our Masakage Comparison Guide.

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